11-11-11 Drawings

From 2011 – 2012 I had a studio at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. I had been feeling like my work was becoming lethargic and predictable. So, in a bid to shake things up, over two days in November 2011 I produced around 100 drawings. I wanted to breathe some life, energy and pace into my practice and try a more gestural approach. I found myself looking at the bare branches swaying in the wind and the late afternoon shadows of trees on the wall opposite my studio and wondered if there wasn’t some way I could use this movement and line in my work. I had a stack of large watercolour, print and heavy-duty cartridge paper which I simply worked my way through using ink, gouache, diluted acrylic paint and large brushes. It was a liberating exercise and as the stack of paper dwindled I found myself becoming increasingly fluent and rhythmic. While I have not repeated this particular process, it gave me the confidence to try new ways of working and not be so precious – to get in, get out, move on. Now, back to ‘slow’ painting…

P1040317    P1040324 P1040325 P1040326

P1040316 P1040315 P1040314 P1040313 P1040312 P1040311 P1040310 P1040309

P1040306 P1040305 P1040304 P1040303 P1040302 P1040301 P1040300 P1040299 P1040297 P1040296 P1040294 P1040292 P1040290 P1040289 P1040287 P1040285 P1040283 P1040281 P1040280 P1040279



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